When comes the time of refurbishing or redecorating interior designing is frequently underestimated or found superfluous and designers as someone who is only helping selecting fabrics and paint colors.

But interior designing is about way more than just what is pretty or aesthetically pleasing. It is a process to provide solutions and an interior designers are the problem solvers. To get to the heart of the issues and design spaces we have to merge function, aesthetic and quality that in that prefect combination you are looking for.

My work is about evaluating the space, finding out all your needs and come up with different solutions that make the best use of the square footage based on what you would like to accomplish, and then present you all possible options to determine the most practical, the most convenient and stylish home that reflects you, your personality. Therefore I would like not only to get to know you, but become your friend, the more I understand about your neccessities, the better plan and design I can create for you.

Think of me as the make-up artist/hairdresser/fashion designer/overall organizer for your wedding, this time is not only for a single party, but for your life in your beautiful home that surrounds you, provides you with energy and love every day. My goal is to transform your life and make your quality of life better.